7 Player were in the Tops. After a few Rounds more, our two players Ralph Stutz (Left with big Arms) and Andrej Farcas (right)

At the end, only one of them get the title. It's Andrej Farcas, our newest and also our youngest Player in the Team.

Each National Champion will receive a VIP Package at this year’s Continental Championship.

This package will grant them access to additional perks such as a designated seating area, access to their own pairings board, priority registration and more!

National Championship:

Date: 26 May and 27 May 2018

Registration Time: 09:00 AM

Event Start Time: 10:45 AM

Participation Fee: 20 CHF

Participation Prize: 4 Boos ters

Dragon Duel National Championship:

Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018

Registration Time: 01:00 PM

Event Start Time: 02:30 PM

Participation Fee: Free

Participation Prize: 1 Pack of 2018 WCQ

Contact Information

Phone: +41763406169



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