Duel with all your might and take part in a multi-level tournament series to become a Local Legend!

The Local Legend Duelist Series (LLDS) is a set of tournaments aimed at competitive Duelists. Those who prove themselves through the various qualifying events will be invited to a final where they can win special prizes!

The LLDS takes place across a number of Regions in Europe and Oceania. Each Region will run Qualifier events with the top-ranked Duelists attending Finals events in each Region later on in the year.

  • 2018 LLDS Qualifiers will take place at participating stores.

  • The Top 2 Duelists in each Qualifier will earn an invite to an LLDS Finals tournament.*

  • 1 2018 LLDS Finals event will be held in each Region.

  • Duelists can compete a Finals tournament in any Region, but only 1 event in total across all Regions in 2018.

Head to your nearest participating store to take part in LLDS Qualifier tournaments in 2018. These are small-scale tournaments similar to your regular store events or WCQ: Regional Qualifiers.

2018 LLDS Finals Invites, Game Mats and Mouse Mats will be awarded to the highest-placed Duelists, with an additional Mouse Mat awarded as a random prize!

Select a country at the bottom of this page to find your next 2018 LLDS Qualifier!

Each Region will be hosting a 2018 LLDS Finals tournament for invited players!

Game Mats and Mouse Mats will be awarded to players at these tournaments, with other prizes to be revealed in the near future!

The overall winner of each 2018 LLDS Finals will take home a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Prize Card, and the title of “Local Legend” for their Region!

Qualified Players


Tournament Locations



All around Europe

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